Special Agent Willis Gonzalez (FBI), Class of ’03 visited Mercy

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On October 23rd , Special Agent Willis Gonzalez, class of ’03, from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) visited his alma mater, Mercy College Bronx Campus and spoke to a rapt student audience.  His purpose in visiting was to share his professional journey and inform the students of the variety of internship and entry-level opportunities within the FBI.

Willis graduated in ’03 with a degree in Public Accounting, specializing in Computer Science and also completed Criminal Justice courses. As a senior, Willis first met the FBI at one of our Career Fairs. He never forgot that meeting  and promised himself that one day he would join the FBI as a professional.  He achieved his vision after spending time as a Public Accountant for two top firms, Price Waterhouse and PepsiCo.  He moved on from there to become a Connecticut State Trooper.  Today he works as a Special Agent, performing a number of functions: Applicant Squad, Surveillance and Special Ops/Cyber Division and Violent Gang Task Force. He also volunteers his time helping with  the bureau’s mission of recruiting new talent and participating in outreach programs.

Interested in working with the FBI? Check out FBIjobs.gov or the following links:

Honors Internship Program– The Honors Internship Program is a 10-week, paid internship for college undergraduate and graduate students. While exploring our exciting career options, students work side-by-side with FBI employees at our Washington, D.C.-area Headquarters or in Field Offices around the country. Open to a wide range of academic areas, this internship offers experiences students can’t find elsewhere.

Collegiate Hiring Initiative– The FBI’s Collegiate Hiring Initiative recruits graduating seniors or individuals who have undergraduate, graduate or PhD degrees to begin their careers in an organization that offers opportunities like no other. For the 2019 Collegiate Hiring Initiative, students must have graduated or will graduate June 2017 – June 2019. For Veterans who have already graduated, it must be within 6 years of the program date (e.g. for the 2019 Collegiate Hiring Initiative, veterans must have graduated or will graduate June 2013 – June 2019).

Special Agents– Special Agents possessing a broad range of education, experiences, and skills are needed for the FBI to be successful. For example, you may be asked to utilize foreign language skills to interview a victim of human trafficking, computer skills to decipher malicious code, accounting skills to uncover hidden assets, or communication and collaboration skills to lead a joint agency investigation.

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By Marguerite Busetti
Marguerite Busetti Associate Director of Career and Professional Development, Dobbs Ferry Campus Marguerite Busetti