Spotlight on Court Navigator Internship

Wouldn’t it be great to have a meaningful experience at the NYC Courts that allows you to help people in need while also being a great resume builder?  (Yes?) I think so, too!

This week I’d like to discuss some awesome internship/volunteer opportunities at the New York City Housing Court.  The Court Navigator Program is a great way for students to learn how to navigate housing court and help underrepresented individuals who need assistance finding their way through the system, which can often be quite stressful.  Court Navigators do not give legal advice, they simply help individuals on the day of their court appointment(s).

What do Court Navigators do?

  • Help in using computers located in the courthouse to obtain information and fill out court forms using the Do It Yourself (DIY) computer programs.
  • Help find information about the law and how to find a lawyer on a website called Law Help.
  • Help persons find resources in the courthouse and outside the court to assist in resolving their cases.
  • Help persons collect and organize documents needed for their cases.
  • Accompany persons during hallway negotiations with opposing attorneys.
  • Accompany persons in conferences with the judge or the judge’s court attorney.
  • Respond to a judge’s or court attorney’s questions asking for factual information on the case.

This volunteer opportunity can also be considered an internship and students can gain academic credit.  In order to qualify for the program, students must attend a two hour training, which is held once a month in different boroughs.  The training can be counted towards your internship hours.

To apply, please submit your resume through Career Maverick.  Selected individuals will then be notified about the next training to get started.

I look forward to sharing more exciting opportunities with you.  Trust me, if I had the time, I would love to become a Court Navigator!

Best Regards,

Sara Shepherd

By Sara Shepherd
Sara Shepherd Employer Relationship Manager, Career and Professional Development Sara Shepherd