How to Create a LinkedIn Profile

Have you heard of LinkedIn? Should you create a LinkedIn Profile? Read on to find out!

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that people use for a variety of reasons including networking, job searches, and advertising. When you are on the job hunt employers will look at your Linkedin profile. If your profile is incomplete or you don’t have one at all, that may send a red flag to employers!  Below are some important first steps on how to get started.

Professional Photo

  • A photo is necessary for your profile. If you do not have a photo, your profile may be overlooked by employers.
  • You will want to be dressed professionally.
  • Use a plain solid background.
  • We offer professional headshots at some of our events.

 Background Image 

  • You can add a background image, similar to a cover photo on Facebook.
  • Photos can be anything from a city skyline to a colored background.
  • Make sure to keep the image professional!


  • Include information that you would include on your resume, like education, jobs, and activities.
  • Use bullets, similar to how you would write bullets on a resume.
  • You can expand on sections. Unlike a resume, you are not restricted to one page. You can include past jobs and other activities that you may have removed from your resume.
  • You can add other content such as websites, portfolios, and projects that you would like to present to your network.


  • Start by connecting with people you know. Connections can be friends, family, classmates, and professors.
  • If you meet someone at a professional event (such as a career fair, networking social, etc..) add them to your network.
  • Send a note in the invitation to make a connection. You can skip this step if the person is a friend or family member.

Final Notes 

  • Remember to keep your LinkedIn account updated and check it frequently.
  • Use LinkedIn to search for jobs! Many jobs are posted on LinkedIn.
  • Over 90 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn as a recruiting tool so it’s important to have a complete profile.

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By Allen Rossetti
Allen Rossetti Senior Career Coach Allen Rossetti