Accounting, Finance and Business (AFB) Student Advisory Board | Spring 2019


AFB has an active student advisory board that works closely with me to help promote and encourage participation in the Career and Professional Development (CPD) office. We  plan tailored events for the AFB career community that everyone is welcome to attend. Every member, or student advisor, serves as a mentor to the Mercy College community by encouraging their peers to apply to internships, join student organizations and take advantage of resources CPD offers. They learn how to create an elevator pitch, network with employers, peers and faculty members, and work in a team to accomplish a common goal.

At our second AFB meeting this semester, 20 students voted on a mission for the advisory board: “Accounting, Finance and Business Student Advisory Board’s mission is to increase awareness and educate business students with Career and Professional Development resources and knowledge to help accelerate their careers and encourage career exploration.”

Stay tuned for great events that the AFB board will be planning this Spring Semester, you will not want to miss out! If you have an idea, want to be heard and have a say, then join your career community! You are always welcome.


By Gina Villazhinay
Gina Villazhinay Assistant Director of Career and Professional Development Gina Villazhinay