The Sophomore Slump | Spring 2019 Events

According to the Education Advisory Board (EAB), “sophomore slump” is a real thing and accounts for six percent of students who run a higher risk of transferring during their second year. Sophomore slump is when a student loses some of the enthusiasm they had for college as first-year students. The slump is due to  the sense of not feeling like you belong and an unawareness of resources that can help a sophomore feel academically and socially connected to their school. In addition, a quarter of sophomores, in a 2012 survey conducted by Noel-Levitz Consulting, reported not being energized by their classes or feeling at home on their campuses.*

Being a Mercy Maverick is the best thing to help any sophomore overcome the slump! Second Year Experience (SYE) at Mercy College is an initiative to help second year students remain engaged and determined to successfully complete their undergraduate experience through a series of events and workshops. Career and Professional Development (CPD) and PACT collaborate to produce a series of events tailored to sophomores, although anyone can participate – so bring your friends!

SYE also works closely with a five-person team of second year students who represent the sophomore class, to develop programs that students would want to attend. If you want to be part of this team, email:


By Gina Villazhinay
Gina Villazhinay Assistant Director of Career and Professional Development Gina Villazhinay