Caring Can Have a Big Payoff

With summer just around the corner and the end of the semester approaching quickly, consider using your summer to care for your community. Ways you can care for your community include finding an organization in which you can connect with. Connecting with the organization can happen through volunteerism, attending board meetings that are open to the public, and participating in their community events. Doing this can help make you visible to the organization and be a possible pathway to a future career. This is especially good if part of your career values include, altruism/helping society and helping others. Learn what your values are through taking the Focus 2 assessment available here: . Then schedule an appointment with a career coach to review  these values and get help planning ways you can care for your community this summer.

In the meantime, see for yourself how one woman’s care for her community, led to her career advancement.

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By Joi Sampson
Joi Sampson Associate Director of Career and Professional Development