How to Ace an Interview!

                       Looking for the secret formula to ace an interview? 

I wish I had the answer for you. Well…the only way to rock an interview is by practicing. Career and Professional Development provides all students with the ability to practice endlessly. Come join the Accounting, Finance, and Business Student Advisory Board at the Big Interview Workshop.

Big Interview is an online mock interviewing tool where you can learn about every aspect of interviewing, including research, preparation, attire, making a positive impression, and interview formats. You can then practice any questions you’d like by video – all you need is a computer or phone. The tool asks interview questions based on level of difficulty and industry, then records the answer to the question. After the mock interview, you can go back and watch yourself answer the questions and request feedback from a career coach.

I found this to be incredibly helpful when preparing for my interview at JPMorgan Chase. I chose to study the behavioral and situational questions and I was guided through every step of the process. Big Interview helped me formulate answers to questions, using the STAR method. When I started getting comfortable with my answers, I progressed to more difficult questions.

I hope to see you all on Wednesday, May 1 at 5pm, to learn about Mercy’s innovative interviewing tool. Julia Wexler, the Director of Employer Relations, and Gina Villazhinay, Senior Career Specialist of Career and Professional Development, will be showing you how to start using Big Interview. Even if you don’t have an interview lined up, it is imperative that you start practicing now. Practice makes perfect!

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By Meghan Mickiewicz
Meghan Mickiewicz President