The Post-Internship Thank You Note That’ll Boost Your Network (and Your Job Prospects)

As you may be wrapping up at your internship this summer, I would like to provide you with advice to maintain strong relationships with your supervisor(s) and coworkers. Connecting with them on LinkedIn is great, but there’s a little more you can do. Sending a Thank You letter helps you stand out from the crowd. “When you put yourself in front of your supervisor and peers one last time in a professional, compelling manner, you force them to remember you—often for months or years to come, and hopefully when important career opportunities pop up” Alyse Kalish, editor of The Muse states.

Tips for Writing a Post-Internship Thank You Letter

  • Pick Your Medium (hand-written or email)
  • Actually Say “Thank You”
  • Get Specific
  • Let Them Know You’d Like to Keep in Touch
  • Make it Fun (if Possible)


To Your Direct Supervisor

Hi [Name],

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be your [internship title]. I can confidently say I wouldn’t have grown and learned as much as I have these past [X weeks/months] without your [constant feedback/support/guidance/mentorship]. I’m so grateful for [advice or experience they gave you], and especially enjoyed [project or opportunity you liked].

As a result of this experience, I’m more excited than ever to pursue a career in [field] and feel well-equipped to take on [role or responsibility you’d like to take on].

I’d love to stay in touch as I [finish up school/make my career change/some other transition you’re in]. You can reach me at [email address] or [phone number]. And if there are any openings in your department down the road, I hope you’ll let me know so I can apply.

Thanks again for this incredible internship, and I wish you and the [team] all the best.

[Your Name]

If you need additional assistance or would like to discuss more networking strategies, schedule an appointment with your career coach.

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By Gina Villazhinay
Gina Villazhinay Assistant Director of Career and Professional Development Gina Villazhinay