A Hiring Manager Talks About the Best Resume he has seen in 20 years

Writing a resume can be a tricky task for many students. A Google search will yield several different templates. Here in the Career Professional Development office, our suggested format was developed using feedback that we received from both employers and Mercy College’s faculty.

An article that was recently published on CNBC details a hiring manager’s experience in reading “one of the best resumes I had ever seen in my 20 years of hiring and interviewing.”

Many of the attributes that impressed this employer are the same as we suggest to students here at Mercy College. Click here to read the article.

Employers often read 50+ resumes and they only spend 5-10 seconds on each resume, so it is imperative that the resume is easy to read and tells the hiring manager the applicant’s accomplishments.

If you need any assistance with your resume please feel free to reach out to me and go to career.mercy.edu for helpful tips and sample resumes.

By Allen Rossetti
Allen Rossetti Senior Career Coach