The Criminal Justice Major to Career Map

Greetings All,

I hope that you have enjoyed your time away from classes, the time to gear up and plan for a successful year is now!  This month the focus is on a great online resource designed with you in mind: The CRIMINAL JUSTICE  MAJOR to CAREER MAPThe map, designed to inspire, guide, and inform you of the range of career possibilities, resources and educational choices that you can follow from day one of declaring a Criminal Justice major.

Available on the website Public Service Law and Government Career Community page, the Major to Career Map is very easy to read and follow.  The structure of the map, designed by faculty and Career & Professional Development staff, will help you to assess where you are presently and lead you as you prepare for your professional career.   As you progress in your studies, the guide will help you to become more competitive in your job search or graduate school applications.  The plan is there to help you focus on the relevant experiences that you will need outside of the classroom.  You will learn what skills and experience employers look for.  You will learn how to build your network, perform service, and build your leadership through the career management skills so necessary to finding and succeeding in your career.

Additionally, this graphic, informative document will spell out in 4 phases:  The degree options, the courses you will need, the relevant experiences and professional connections, connecting with the Mercy Community and gaining leadership and service experience.

Finally for those “with the passion to get ahead ” there is an easy to read and follow guide to Career Examples: Where You Can Go After Graduation in Public Service, Law and Government, Human Services and Education.  With appropriate coursework, you may also expand your Criminal Justice education to the following career fields: Media, Marketing & Communications, Broadcasting Corporate Communications, Marketing Public Relations, Business, Business Management/ Non-profit Management Entrepreneurship Human Resources/ People Operations/Talent.

The Career Map is comprehensive, easy to understand and follow,  you do not have to do it all but it is there to make your lives while in college manageable and with your determination and focus totally doable.  You will find the CRIMINAL JUSTICE MAJOR TO CAREER MAP at, Career Communities.  See if you agree with me that this is a super find, well thought out and written.




By Marguerite Busetti
Marguerite Busetti Associate Director of Career and Professional Development, Dobbs Ferry Campus Marguerite Busetti