National Rehabilitation Awareness Week: Sept 16-22, 2019

It’s National Rehabilitation Awareness Week! For those seeking to become occupational or physical therapist, this is the week to celebrate the profession and dig a little deeper to consider the values of rehabilitation on those who need it. The National Rehabilitation Awareness Foundation has been recognizing the 3rd week in September as awareness week for almost forty years. The organization seeks to “educate people about the benefits of rehabilitation and the many advantages that can arise from rehab programs.”They also take this time to celebrate the outstanding rehabilitation professionals who work together to make a difference in the lives of patients. The therapist is committed to restoring their patients to the greatest level of function and independence, allowing them to overcome obstacles and accomplish the normal task of daily living.

As you lean in on what your future will look like as a  therapist,  it is a good idea to use this week to reflect on the best ways to maximize your education so when ready, you will have the know-how to treat patients and experience the satisfaction obtained when your patients regain mobility and strength. To learn more about the National Rehabilitation Awareness Foundation click here:



By Joi Sampson
Joi Sampson Associate Director of Career and Professional Development Joi Sampson