Maximize Your Handshake Experience

For this new school year Mercy College’s Career and Professional Development team has launched a partnership with Handshake, an online job board that allows students and alumni to get connected with employers that have internship and job opportunities. Handshake is more than a job board forum, it is also an event announcement board, and an advice center all in one.

Students are able to upload resumes, cover letters, and transcripts to Handshake, similar to the previous Career Mavericks system, but within a more user friendly platform.

Handshake offers a profile section, where students can “sell” themselves by including experience and information typically included on a resume, which allows recruiters who use Handshake to see you. By having an updated, public profile, you can increase the chance a company recruiter can see your job experience, skills, and campus involvement.

Through Handshake’s direct messaging sections, talent recruiters can private message students with opportunities and students can respond to build a connection. This is a great way to find possible internship opportunities if a recruiter believes you fit the necessary qualifications and would be a good fit with their company.

Within a two week period of having a maintained and updated Handshake profile, I was contacted by two employers looking to hire interns for their 2020 summer internship opportunities. I have since applied to both. I encourage you to fill out your Handshake profile and open yourself up to similar opportunities.

To learn more about all the benefits of our new Handshake platform, attend our Accounting, Business, and Finance (AFB) Advisory Board sponsored event on Wednesday, October 2nd  at 6:00 p.m. in Mail Hall Room 241. All majors are welcome as Handshake offers opportunities for everyone!

By Lauren Teixeira
Lauren Teixeira Senior Student Advisor Lauren Teixeira