It’s the Most Wonderful Time…for Career!

Hooray! The semester’s finished. With final assignments turned in, exams taken, papers written, and presentations, well, presented, you can jump in holiday glee (see below for an example) at having tackled the semester. Go you! Time for some well-earned rest.

While our month-long hiatus is a wonderful opportunity to pack in some quality R&R, don’t forget to take advantage of this time too. The weeks between starting the new year and hitting the books are the perfect time to take steps towards your career! I’m not talking about getting a head start on studying here. This is about what’s to follow after graduation. Hard to imagine this life for yourself? Give the below ideas a try, and you’ll be one step closer to snatching the job of your dreams!

5 Career-Forwarding Moves for Your Winter Break

  1. Research your career(s) of interest. There are an abundance of resources at your fingertips! Check out the Explore Careers sections at the bottom of our Career Community pages.
  2. Polish your resume. To ensure this summary of your experiences is in tip-top shape to apply for summer (and fall) internships, set aside some time to work on your resume. You can also schedule an appointment to speak with one of our career coaches. We have virtual appointments too!
  3. Go on an informational interview. Have a Professor, relative, or friend working in your industry of interest? Or maybe they know someone? Send them an email requesting a phone call – or, better yet, a day to shadow them on the job – in order to learn about their career. You’ll educate yourself on what it’s really like out there, PLUS add a member to your professional network. Stumped on what questions to ask? Check out some tips HERE.
  4. Volunteer. These opportunities are everywhere so get after ’em! Your few weeks in January is the perfect time to sign up for a few volunteer gigs. Find opportunities through Volunteer New York! and others in Handshake.
  5. Get a part-time job. Part-time work is a great way to boost your resume while sliding hours in and around your class schedule. Beginning a job in early January helps you gradually adapt to being busy again, so you’re prepared to hit the ground running when next semester starts. Check out some benefits of working part-time HERE.
By Samantha Karpiloff
Samantha Karpiloff Assistant Director Samantha Karpiloff