Online Career Resources for YOU!

Have you always wanted to dig into the career website, but as you searched for precious minutes to dedicate to this worthy endeavor, you kept falling short? Now is your chance!

As you take classes online, consider this also your time to do your career homework. It’s easy to keep our homepage in the background as you surf between Blackboard, Google Scholar, and yes…I see you, Netflix.

Check out our suite of tools to help you keep flexing those career muscles:


These will get you started and THEN some!

Your Career Toolkit

  • Focus 2 – Complete all personality assessments to understand who you are and what careers are right for you.
  • VMock – After using our guidebooks, refine and perfect your resume via this tool that provides automated, personalized feedback.
  • Handshake – Schedule phone and video appointments, upload your resume for approval, and search for those jobs.
  • BigInterview – Even if you don’t have a scheduled interview, keep your skills sharp by practicing here.

Professional Success Training

  • Career Community Chats – Watch our series HERE! Complete 3 by May 8 to earn a Career Exploration Certificate (a great resume booster!).
  • Tips for professional success – Study this page on our website to learn about networking, speaking to employers, and being professional. You can never practice this too much!

Press on during these uncertain times, career-bound student. Remember to take a moment to think not about what you can’t do, but about what you CAN do, and then, go do it! We are here for you – email or schedule an appointment in Handshake.

By Samantha Karpiloff
Samantha Karpiloff Assistant Director Samantha Karpiloff