OK, things have changed a little, but there are still great things to do to advance your career!

We miss seeing your faces in the hallways and in our offices but hope you are doing well and adjusting to online classes – and online everything! Although you may think your career preparation has come to a complete halt, there are many things you can do to make sure you are still moving forward and preparing for what’s ahead.

Here are our top 3 suggestions:

  1. Build/edit your LinkedIn profile. Here’s a quick video on how to get started.
  2. Research companies/ industries. A great place to start is Glassdoor and Vault.
  3. Schedule informational interviews. An Informational Interview is a method used to gather information about a career or job area that can help you make an informed decision. It involves talking to an experienced professional who can give you practical answers to any questions you may have. Most people enjoy talking about their jobs and experiences. It’s not a job interview. Now that so many professionals are working from home, they would probably be happy to spend some time speaking to you about their specific jobs and any advice on how to get in the field. A great place to start is reaching out to Mercy alumni on LinkedIn. If you need help with what to ask during an informational interview, we here are some starters:
  • How did you decide to work in this field? For this company?
  • What is your background? How did you position yourself for this field?
  • What have you learned through your position? What skills do you typically use?
  • Do you have any advice for me as I go through the job-search process?
  • What are the most difficult problems/decisions/challenges you face?

As always, you can make an appointment with one of us and we can help you individually via Zoom. We are always here for you.
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Speak to you soon!
You Career Team.

By Mariana Ayerbe
Mariana Ayerbe Associate Director of Career and Professional Development, Manhattan Campus Mariana Ayerbe