Maintaining Career Hope During a Pandemic

The “new normal” brought on by the Coronavirus COVID-19 has all of us feeling some kind of way. For many of us, it may be having to make the adjustment of being home. For students however, there may be concern over the future of employment, including internships and jobs. Below I will share with you 3 tips to remind you that you can maintain career hope during this time, and staying home does not have to be wasted time, but a time for opportunity.

TIP # 1 Be Encouraged:

You may have heard it already, but therapist and counselors alike are recommending that we limit our news intake. Only watch, listen, or read the news to learn updates about what’s going on. Once you receive the new information, change gears and watch, listen, or read something that will help you have peace of mind, relax you, or just offer some enjoyment. Staying hopeful will help you get through each day. Also, if you are looking for some reading to help give you peace of mind and encouragement, check out some of the other blogs written by other CPD staff by clicking here.

TIP # 2  Be Proactive:

According to you should stay productive and motivated during this time of chaos and uncertainty. They recommend using the time to search for new opportunities that could positively impact your future, such as scholarships you might not have had time to apply for. Mercy offers the Internship Grant, which provides students $1500 to complete a new, unpaid internship to gain real world experience. For the fall semester, remote work-based internships will be eligible. Apply today! While we do not know what jobs or internships will be available in the summer or fall, CPD has procured some resources for you to help you see what is available now.

Finally, it is important to remember that the time will come when we can all get back to our regular routines, but don’t let that stop you from taking advantage of this unexpected free time. Visit their website  to explore health career options, form healthy habits and get ahead of the crowd and visit the Career website to strengthening your interviewing skills, build a stronger resume, and learn about various career paths.

TIP # 3  Be Connected:

Just because we are each at home, it does not mean we cannot connect. Connection is so important because we are social beings and need interaction. Therefore, utilize a  virtual ways to connect with your family and friends and your CPD Family. CPD has virtual appointments available via Zoom video, phone, or email of course. While we are not on the campus, we are continuing to work to help you with your career needs. Also, I am excited to tell you about our “Going Live” sessions – happening twice each week, the career team members are available to answer your questions, show you resources, and share upcoming events. Keep an eye out in your inbox for the next Going Live session details or email

By Joi Sampson
Joi Sampson Associate Director of Career and Professional Development Joi Sampson