We’re in this together… one baby step at a time!

Nothing can stop us…not even a pandemic (didn’t think I’d ever write that, but here we are)!

As we’re getting used to our new ‘normal’, I want to take time to keep encouraging you, students, to not lose hope. It is certainly easier said than done, but remember how we would say, “I could do XX if only I had more time.” Well, now that we have that time, why not enhance some skills…like your Excel skills (or learn a new instrument) by watching tutorials on YouTube, practice your elevator pitches / interviewing skills using Big Interview… the world is your oyster. Virtual interviewing and WFH will become more prevalent across many industries* so we must adapt.

For me, it has been hard to create a sustainable daily routine in the past month. I tried and I failed, tried again, and couldn’t motivate myself. I tried setting alarms/reminders and I was still not able to motivate myself. As an extravert, I get my energy from people, so you can imagine social distancing has been hard for all of us, in one way or another.

I want to provide you with tips on creating a more sustainable routine, which actually helped me, still work in progress but I am seeing the results.

  1. Journal: Allocate 10 – 15 minutes a day to reflect. Physically write down your feelings, thoughts, concerns, etc., but be disciplined with that time. Even if you write everything you are feeling and it only takes you 5 minutes, just write anything that is on your mind for that allocated period of time. I have been doing this three times a week for the two weeks before bed and it has helped me alleviate stress and anxiety.
  2. Exercise: Whether you like yoga, running, weightlifting…there are many free tutorials/sessions offered today that you can complete at home. As an avid runner, what has helped me stay sane and have more of a structured routine is by scheduling phone call runs with friends. My running buddies encourage me just to run and not worry about my mile splits. Find a friend and use running apps (Strava and Nike Run Club – two apps I use, both have great running communities) to keep you motivated.
  3. Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself: We are all adjusting. As someone who thrives and loves being busy, I am struggling with coming up with home projects and things to week me busy on the weekends. There is only so much reading, listening to podcast and Zoom happy hours a person can handle. Find creative ways to stay active and take care of your mental and physical being. Let yourself feel those feelings that you may be holding in. Cry, laugh at your own jokes…it has helped me, and it could help you! Baby steps. You go this.
  4. Attend informative events: Career and Professional Development, Residence Life, Student Life, Athletics, PACT (and more teams) have various events planned for you. Even if you attend part of the events, I know can take away something.

I am still figuring it out. We are figuring it all out. Together we are a stronger community.

Thanks for reading this.

Lastly, I want to encourage you to follow my team’s Instagram account @mercycareers to learn more about our exciting upcoming events, including:

A Coffee Chat About Adaptability: A discussion on how to be adaptable during unprecedented times. and how to be proactive! You will have an opportunity to address concerns and ask questions to business faculty, student leaders, and Career Services.

AFB Coffee Chat Flyer


College to Career Information Session with EY: This ZOOM session will provide our Accounting/Business students with important tools to stay motivated & prepared for upcoming internships & full-time roles with EY.  EY is still hiring, still busy & still very actively engaging with students for summer 2021 as well as their upcoming 2020 interns & full time hires!




By Gina Villazhinay
Gina Villazhinay Assistant Director of Career and Professional Development Gina Villazhinay