Tips to Prepare for a Virtual Career Fair

In this new, virtually all virtual world, it helps to have a few pointers on how to conduct yourself in a professional setting.  Career Fairs are a great way to meet employers, find out about opportunities, learn about industries and organizations, and network.  (Temporarily) gone are the days of walking into a large room on campus with rows and rows of employers to impress.  Instead, we are faced with signing up for a virtual fair and meeting employers one on one in short zoom sessions.  It is hard to imagine how these big events can be transferred into the digital world, so just dive in and explore!  Here are some tips to help you understand what to expect and how to prepare for your virtual fair:

  1. Update Your Resume: Remember that your resume should be clear, concise and up to date.  Have it ready on your computer to submit online to recruiters and hiring managers.
  2. Research Companies: Prior to the Virtual Career Fair, access the list of employers and pick companies and/or organizations that interest you. Research these companies and job openings online before your sessions are scheduled.  This will help guide your inquiries and allow you to highlight your related skills.
  3. Create Your Schedule for the Day: Before the event, you will be granted access into the Virtual Fair platform so you can start creating your schedule for the day.  Add each scheduled meeting to your calendar so you do not miss any scheduled time with employers.
  4. Prepare Your Elevator Pitch: Prepare an elevator pitch about your education, skills and future goals. Make sure these goals relate and align to the employer you will be speaking with.  This can be tweaked depending on who you are speaking with.
  5. Dress Appropriately: Even though you will not be traveling to meet employers, dress appropriately, and look well-groomed for your video meetings. Turn your camera on!
  6. Check Your Space: Make sure the space you are using is distraction free and quiet. Turn your camera on!
  7. Test Your Internet and Video Connections: Ensure that your Internet connection is functioning and that your audio/video is working properly.
  8. Stay Organized: Create a spreadsheet or chart where you can easily input information about the connections you make during the day or the companies to which you submitted your resume.
  9. Send Thank You Notes: Send thank you emails to all individuals that you made contact with and thank them for their time.  This can be the difference between getting the interview and not.

Thank you!  Hope to see you in a virtual fair soon!


Sara Shepherd

Employer Relationship Manager, Mercy University

By Sara Shepherd
Sara Shepherd Director, Employer Relations