Why that language class is key!

Lucky for you, you have to take a language class at Mercy College before you graduate! In terms of your career, the ability to speak a second language is a key selling point when you are looking for a job. woman speaking It does not matter which language you learn (at Mercy it will be Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic or American Sign Language), the advantages are clear. You will be qualified to apply to more jobs than a monolingual applicant, be able to work in countries outside the United States, be able to communicate more efficiently in international teams, and build more relationships. Language classes are also fun because they expose you not just to different words but different cultures and ways of thinking. Language can also shape your abstract thinking because different languages follow different structures. In essence, if you know multiple languages, you have multiple labels for the same concept. How cool is that? You know where I am headed – all this contributes to strong communication skills, other key competency employers are looking for. Language is one solid way you can set yourself apart. In addition to your classes, here is a great resource to find free courses and apps: http://www.openculture.com/freelanguagelessons Have fun! Mariana  

By Mariana Ayerbe
Mariana Ayerbe Career in Curriculum Manager, Manhattan Campus