Tutoring is not just a way to supplement your income!

We all know how disruptive the pandemic has been in our lives, including children’s education. Families all across the country are scrambling, trying to figure out how to help their children continue to learn. Many families are trying to balance with the help of tutors. The good news for you is college students are one of the main candidates families look for! Child with ipad There is a huge demand for elementary, middle and high school tutors. Even if you have just a few hours a week, you could be helping students meet their goals, supplement your income and network! You would also be gaining transferable skills, which will make you a better candidate in the future. Here are some of the skills you will gain: flexibility, creativity, ability to motivate others, etc. Finally, you can get excellent references. The subjects vary from general homework help to math, languages, test prep, and everything in between! To get started, check out the tutor positions listed in Handshake (enter “tutor” in the job keyword box). We also recommend College Nannies and Tutors. Helping others is always a good idea!      

By Mariana Ayerbe
Mariana Ayerbe Associate Director of Career and Professional Development, Manhattan Campus Mariana Ayerbe