Blog Series #1: What jobs can a Health Science major apply for?

What jobs can a Health Science major apply for? As a Health Science Major, sometimes it’s hard to understand what sort of entry level jobs you qualify for.  But not to worry!  I am here to help you gain a better understanding of some great entry level job titles you can apply for during your senior year, so you have a job waiting for you upon graduation!  A little background on my own career – I was a marketing major (at Mercy University, Go Mavs!), when someone asked me what I wanted to do when I graduated. I said “be a marketer, at a marketing agency, obviously.”  Little did I know, the multitude of opportunities out there that had no correlation to the name of my major, were the ones that I was actually qualified for.  Here is our first job title to breakdown: Medical Claims Examiner

  • You want to work in healthcare, but not in a direct patient care role.
  • You enjoy helping people, and providing excellent customer service.
  • You’re a great problem solver, communicator, and are detail oriented.
  • What you’ll do: Serve medical insurance customers by determining insurance coverage, examining and resolving medical claims, providing excellent customer service, and ensuring legal compliance.
  • Who hires Medical Claims Examiners? For the most part, health insurance organizations hire Medical Claims Examiners.

Click here for further details on what a Medical Claims Examiner does.  Most of these positions require a Bachelor’s degree.  Stay tuned to this blog series for more entry level job title breakdowns to help simplify careers for Health Science majors!

By Sara Shepherd
Sara Shepherd Director, Employer Relations