Guide To Using Handshake

Handshake is Mercy’s online job board where you are able to apply for internships and jobs, as well as connect with employers. It is important to learn how to navigate and use Handshake to make the most of this resource.

video pic for how to use handshake *Please see the video for a visual guide.

Setting Up Your Profile: Like your resume and LinkedIn profile, it is essential to keep your Handshake profile updated. To set up your profile, click on your profile picture on the top right corner of the page. Click on “My Profile”. This page allows you to introduce yourself to employers and share your interests. Uploading Documents & Career Center: Before applying for internships and jobs, you must have an approved resume. To upload your resume on Handshake, click on “My Documents” under your profile picture. To upload a document, click on “Add New Document.” Type in your document name and select your document type to finish uploading your resume, cover letter, or transcript. If you need help with your resume, click on the “Career Center” tab to schedule an appointment with a career coach. Applying to Internships & Jobs: To apply for internships and jobs, click on the “Jobs” tab. From here, you can browse different internships and jobs. You can also filter your job suggestions by job type, industry, and more. Note that there will be preferences for each job. Employers are more likely to interview you if you match these preferences, but it shouldn’t deter you from applying to jobs where you don’t match all the requirements. For most applications, you are required to attach your resume and a cover letter. You can attach your approved resume that you have previously uploaded to Handshake. Note that some internships/jobs will require you to apply externally on a company website. Registering for Events: Events are a good way to learn more about a company and network with business professionals. To register for an event on Handshake, click on the “Events” tab to browse through the events coming up. From there, you can click on an event and register, or register for the event externally on the company website. Be sure to check the messages tab to see if employers have reached out to you. If you have any questions regarding the application or interview process of a company, click on the “Q&A” tab to view questions and answers submitted by other students and current interns/employees. Learning how to use Handshake is the first step to launching your career. Next, start getting involved by attending events and building your professional network!

By Cindy Cheng
Cindy Cheng Cindy Cheng