Blog Series # 2: What jobs can a Health Science major apply for?

Thank you for tuning in to our 2nd blog in the series, What Jobs Can a Health Science Major Apply For?  In this blog, we will be dissecting the role of Pharmaceutical Sales.  This role is heavily focused on sales and marketing.  Using your knowledge of health science will certainly give you a leg up among the competition.  Here are some details about what it takes to excel in a Pharmaceutical Sales role:

  • You are a great listener, communicator, and are persuasive
  • You want to work in healthcare, but not directly with patients
  • The idea of getting new medication in the hands of doctors excites you
  • You are great at building relationships
  • You are motivated by closing deals and sales
  • You enjoy travelling locally (within a territory)
  • What you’ll do: sell pharmaceutical drugs and/or equipment, negotiate prices, purchase pharmaceutical drugs/equipment, coordinate sales campaigns, and monitor inventory.

Watch this short video below about Joseph, a Pharmaceutical Sales Trainee, who talks about the role and how to prepare for it. Click here if the video does not play.,0c80c08bdf440226b462,MercyCollege

By Sara Shepherd
Sara Shepherd Director, Employer Relations