Business Etiquette for Employer Events (Virtual and In-Person)

Employers who volunteer their time to speak with Mercy students during informational sessions and recruiting events are eager to meet with and develop relationships with our students.  It’s important to understand their objectives so that you can get the most from these encounters. Employers are eager to provide information on their companies, so that they can educate students on the positions their companies offer to students. They are also forming impressions of students, so that they can make smart decisions about which students stand out positively to them, which reflects back on our entire student body as well as positively on individual students, who are then most likely to move forward in the process to secure internships and jobs. During employer sessions (virtual or in-person) the easy ways to make good impressions are to:

  • Present yourself professionally by behaving politely, and showing your interest in the employer and in the positions. Avoid rude or unprofessional behavior.
  • Ask smart questions that show you have done some research on the firm, and are eager to learn more. Avoid questions which may put the employer on the spot, or may be misinterpreted as putting the employer on the offensive.  Think carefully about the impression your question is creating and don’t engage in questions that may make employers uncomfortable in any way.
  • Practice your elevator pitch, so that if you have the chance to discuss your background and interests, you’ll be prepared.
  • Be on time; have your technology working properly; dress professionally; have a resume prepared and approved.
  • Smile! Employers are going to be on their best behavior, and expect the same in return. Remember that employers are people also who don’t want to be embarrassed, treated rudely, or disrespected.  Display the behavior toward them that you, in turn expect from them.
  • If virtual, cameras on is preferable by employers so that they can see who they are speaking with; and this allows for a stronger networking connection.
By Julia Wexler
Julia Wexler Director of Employer Relations Julia Wexler