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Main Hall Library Photograph Found in the lower section of the Dobbs Ferry campus Library, the learning center provides a variety of resources for every individual student enrolled at Mercy College. With a stellar view of the Hudson River as the snow glistens upon the turf field, the learning center is a great place to be found during our colder seasons! Alongside the beauty of the library and the windows that provide sight into the outside weather, there is an unspoken beauty of the calm relaxing atmosphere found in this location. The change in location from your bedroom at home or perhaps your dorm on campus allows for productivity to flow through you as you settle down to complete work. Filled with multiple study rooms, there is always an undiscovered spot for you to delve into your priorities and studies.  The services offered by the learning center are quite extensive. Because of the recent Pandemic with COVID-19, the learning center offers the opportunity to study in person with a tutor, an opportunity to meet with a tutor from another campus location, and lastly, they provide you with an online platform such as zoom to meet to succeed with your needs. Too good to be true? It gets better, the learning center and all tutoring services are included within your tuition costs, so there is no additional out of pocket charge to you. Many professors and editors are excited and eager to help us grow and prosper throughout our studies. All one must do is make an appointment. To utilize the tutoring and mentoring services, be sure to follow these directions to set your next appointment at the learning center.   Photograph of the Mercy College Football field Follow these steps for success!  

  1. Go to Center for Academic Excellence & Innovation (CAEI) | Mercy College  
  2. Click on EAB Navigate below Student and Employee Applications  
  3. Go to make an appointment on the right side
  4. Schedule your success!  

Hours of Operation for Office: Because of COVID-19 the hours vary for each campus but the CAEI is by appointment only therefore once you schedule your appointment, you can choose a time that works best for you. It is important to note that the writing center is not the same as the library. The Library Hours: Each is closed on Sunday

  • Dobbs Ferry: Monday – Thursday  8am- 11pm/ Friday 8am- 9pm/ Saturday 8:30am- 9:00pm
  • Manhattan: Monday – Thursday 9am- 9pm/ Friday 9am- 4pm/ Saturday 10am- 5:45pm
  • Bronx: Monday – Thursday 8:30am- 9pm/ Friday 8:30- 5pm / Saturday 8:30- 3pm


By Marques McKinney
Marques McKinney Marketing & Analytics Co-Chair