An Ode to Students


Snow plow on turf field

The beginning of 2021 has already brought on some challenges, but I am SO excited to see more and more of you arriving on campus! February is underway.

As I walked the Dobbs Ferry halls at the start of the semester, they left me sad and if I’m being honest, somewhat hopeless. Will I ever see campus again, the way it was and the way it’s supposed to be?

It was then that I happened upon the library, with it’s magnificent floor-to-ceiling windows letting in the gorgeous afternoon light. I couldn’t help but go over and take it all in.

And to my surprise – and delight – I saw the turf field being plowed.  It was like a beacon of light shined down from heaven. Students are coming back! It was reassurance of return to a (somewhat) normal world.

Since that day (last week…), I have been filled with joy to see students frequent the Hudson View café at lunch, the coffee bar outside the Dobbs Ferry Career Hub, and even the parking lot at the end of a long work day. Students, if there’s one thing you should know, it’s that you give me purpose. I am inspired and learn so much from you every day.

So, keep on working hard in all of your pursuits, academic and otherwise! Remember, you are making a greater impact than you think. Always remember: WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

Stop by Main Hall Room 247A (or email/call) to ask your career questions, or just to say hi! Get in touch at or 914-674-7203.



By Samantha Karpiloff
Samantha Karpiloff Career Specialist Samantha Karpiloff