Career Tips for International Students

I’m Javier Mangado a Spanish international junior student at Mercy College. Currently, this is my second semester at Mercy College. I’ve had positive experiences at this institution and because of that, I would love to help the international students by sharing some career tips and I hope they will be useful for the community. Tip 1: Get in contact with your Career Coach

  • Business and Accounting: Gina Villazhinay
  • Career Explorers: Mariana Ayerbe
  • Human Services, Government, Law and Education: Sam Karpiloff and Allen Rossetti
  • Health and Wellness: Dorlene Curwen and Joi Sampson
  • Media Communications and Technology: Liam Ross-Fitzgibbons

If you have any question related with applications, resumes, or cover letters, your Career Coach can help you with that. For their contact information click here. Tip 2: Get in touch with your PACT mentor Always talk to your PACT mentors – they are very resourceful and can guide you to the right person! If you have questions more related to work authorizations deadlines, CPTs/OPTs I will strongly recommend you talk with Valerie Monaco, the Director/PDSO, International Student Services. From my experience, I will recommend you to always think ahead, if you are thinking about getting an internship over the Summer, start asking in the Fall for information. Finally, I would l like to remind all international students, that there are various useful resources at Mercy College for all of us, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of them and make the best out of your career!

By Javier Mangado
Javier Mangado Marketing and Analytics Chair Javier Mangado