Internship Spotlight: Ashley Carrasquillo

By Alexsander Souza

Ashley CarrasquilloStudent Name: Ashley Carrasquillo

Year: Junior

Major: Legal Studies/Paralegal

Career aspirations: Paralegal

Internship Company & Location (city/state): Evan Guthrie Law Firm in Charleston, SC (Remote)

Internship Department: N/A

Internship Semester: Spring 2023

How did you find this internship, and what steps did you take to prepare for the application and interview process?

I found it through Handshake. This was a really unique interview process in the sense that the questions were targeted towards my career goals. My interviewer from the get-go asked questions along the lines of “Tell me about yourself”, and “Tell me about your interest in the position”, and when I shared my aspirations with them, they asked me when I could start!

What were your main responsibilities or activities at your internship?

I did a lot, but my primary responsibility was writing articles. Specifically, I would take articles from the news here in New York and relate them to law on a biweekly basis. For example, I researched a case of postpartum psychosis, and I wrote an article about how laws protect women and how postpartum psychosis is prosecuted.

What was the most important thing you learned at this internship?

To not doubt myself. I would submit my articles, and I’d routinely ask, “Please let me know how I can improve, or if there’s something I need to fix.” To my surprise, Evan would respond with “Good article, it’s up”. This taught me to be confident in what I produce.

Did this internship have any effect on your career choices or major?

It produced mixed feelings, but in a good way. On the one hand, it made me realize that being a paralegal is something I can do and do enjoy. On the other hand, I think back to a phone conversation I had with Evan, who’s practicing an area of law I want to go into, which is probate (or wills & estates). After he shared his day to day, it reinforced in me that probate is something I want to pursue.

What advice do you have for students about internships?

Don’t lose faith when applying. Before obtaining this internship, I applied to multiple. At some point, I was cold calling law firms and asking them about positions. I would tell them about the internship grant that Career Services offers, and if they’d be willing to take on an intern. A lot of the time, I would get through to someone, and they wouldn’t continue speaking to me. They’d offer me a time to meet, but I’d never hear back from them again. Eventually, I heard back from Evan Guthrie Law Firm. The process can be frustrating, but if you force the issue, something will come your way.

What’s next for you, career-wise, and how do you feel this internship has helped you move closer to achieving this?

I’m currently looking for a summer internship in law, and my goal is to work in a law firm after I graduate. Thanks to my internship experience, I feel as though I have an upper hand when applying for positions, and I know employers will recognize that.

By Alexsander Souza
Alexsander Souza