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Dobbs Ferry Campus

Find Your Path: Women’s Panel

working womens panel

As young adults, we enter the college scene in hopes of obtaining a degree which will ultimately help us find our way in the job market, right? So how do we know which path is the right one? As a …

By Ashley Dieudonne
Ashley Dieudonne Event Chair Ashley Dieudonne
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The Sophomore Slump | Spring 2019 Events

The Sophomore Slump | Spring 2019 Events

According to the Education Advisory Board (EAB), “sophomore slump” is a real thing and accounts for six percent of students who run a higher risk of transferring during their second year. Sophomore slump is when a student loses some of …

By Gina Villazhinay
Gina Villazhinay Assistant Director of Career and Professional Development Gina Villazhinay
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The Best Cover Letter Examples for Every Type of Job Seeker

Cover letter tips

With Spring Recruiting heating up for you, this is the time to evaluate the documents that you may need for an effective Job and Internship search.  I am frequently asked about a cover letter and how to compose one.  I …

By Marguerite Busetti
Marguerite Busetti Associate Director of Career and Professional Development, Dobbs Ferry Campus Marguerite Busetti
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40 Mercy Students Win Brand New Lord and Taylor Suits

Big suit up

This February, Career gave away 40 brand new Lord and Taylor Suits to Mercy students at the Manhattan, Bronx and Dobbs Ferry Campuses. Students also competed against each other, testing their knowledge of professional etiquette, to win a Big Suit …

By Shannon Hargrove
Shannon Hargrove Director, Career Education & Operations Shannon Hargrove
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It’s Internship Grant Time!

internship grant flyer

An internship offers a variety of benefits to students. Among which include:

Real world exposure to a career field or industry
A chance to build your resume with new skills and experiences
Opportunities to network with professionals in an industry 

By Joi Sampson
Joi Sampson Associate Director of Career and Professional Development Joi Sampson
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