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Explore the following careers in the field of Law:

  • Corporate Practice
  • Federal Government
  • Judicial Clerkships
  • Politics
  • Private Practice
  • Public Interest Law
  • Teaching
  • State & Local Government
  • Patent & Copyright Law
  • Energy Law, Natural Resources, & Environmental Law
  • Financial Planning, Investment Banking, Estate Planning
  • Legal Publishing / Journalism
  • Law Firm Administration
  • Higher Education Administration
  • Law Librarianship

General Information:

  • Students interested in attending law school may choose any major of interest. Some undergraduate majors can help prepare students for a particular area of law, e.g., a B.S. in environmental science for a career in environmental law.
  • Develop strong research and writing skills. Enhance communication skills through public speaking courses, debate team or Toast Masters (a public speaking organization).
  • Maintain a high G.P.A. to increase chances of gaining admission to law school.
  • Join Phi Alpha Delta professional association.
  • Find part-time jobs or internships in law firms or government agencies to reality test your interest in law and to gain relevant experience.
  • Prepare for the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) which is required by all law schools.
  • Secure strong personal recommendations from professors.
  • Participate in mock trial, student government, student judiciary boards and other related organizations.

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Explore Possible Careers Pathways in Law:



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