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Write a Resume & Cover Letter

What’s in Your Cover Letter?

  With New York’s phased re-openings underway, many of you may be starting to think about applying to jobs. With those applications however, employers may ask that you write a cover letter. This is a great time for you to showcase …

By Joi Sampson
Joi Sampson Associate Director of Career and Professional Development Joi Sampson
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What could you do on a gloomy February day? Apply for summer internships!

The good news is summer will eventually be here – and you are much better off getting a summer internship than staying home or working the same part time job you’ve had since high school… This is your time to experience …

By Mariana Ayerbe
Mariana Ayerbe Associate Director of Career and Professional Development, Manhattan Campus Mariana Ayerbe
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Eye tracking study shows recruiters look at resumes for 7 seconds

Career Coaches often stress the importance of having a well organized and targeted resume prepared for your job search.

The reasons include the fact that the resume is your marketing piece and your opportunity to showcase your skills, professional experiences …

By Shannon Hargrove
Shannon Hargrove Director, Career Education & Operations Shannon Hargrove
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A Hiring Manager Talks About the Best Resume he has seen in 20 years

Writing a resume can be a tricky task for many students. A Google search will yield several different templates. Here in the Career Professional Development office, our suggested format was developed using feedback that we received from both employers and …

By Allen Rossetti
Allen Rossetti Senior Career Coach Allen Rossetti
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The Best Cover Letter Examples for Every Type of Job Seeker

With Spring Recruiting heating up for you, this is the time to evaluate the documents that you may need for an effective Job and Internship search.  I am frequently asked about a cover letter and how to compose one.  I …

By Marguerite Busetti
Marguerite Busetti Associate Director of Career and Professional Development, Dobbs Ferry Campus Marguerite Busetti
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