Check Your Career List Twice!

Winter Break is around the corner (congratulations!). You may be planning a break from classes and/or career planning, but before you do, take a minute to double check these simple things (especially if you are on a job or internship search!):

  • The email address on your resume. This should ideally just include your name or initials, and a few numbers if needed. Your Mav email is the safest thing to use, but make sure you check it frequently or forward it to your primary email account. If you use a personal email address, create something professional and keep it separate from any social media or entertainment systems to be safe.
  • Your resume’s file name. When you save a resume to your computer or upload it for an application, be sure that the file name includes your full name and the word “resume” (e.g., Jane Doe Resume or Doe.Jane.Resume). This is very important for employers who receive your resume as an upload or attachment – they need to know right away what kind of document it is and who sent it!
  • Your voicemail greeting. First, make sure your voicemail is active! Then, be sure to record a friendly, professional greeting. Callers, especially employers, respond to a personal greeting much more positively than to your pre-recorded name or phone number. Your voicemail greeting might be the first impression someone gets of your personality, and you want it to be great!
  • Your voicemail messages. If you are applying to positions, employers are very likely to call you to invite you to interview or clarify information. Check your voicemail frequently and respond to all calls from employers, even if your level of interest has changed.
  • Your social media settings. Remember that employers will likely research your social media presence to assess the image you present to the public. If you are using a social media account for professional purposes, review and update it quickly if needed before you sign off for the holidays. If you are using a social media account purely for social purposes, make sure to lock down your privacy settings! This is always a good idea, but the winter season is especially popular for parties!

Happy Holidays from the Career Team! Have fun and be safe.

By Lyn Leis
Lyn Leis Director, Career Education