Interview Success- from the Eyes of the Recruiter

Interview Success- from the Eyes of the Recruiter was originally published on The Campus Career Coach.

Interviewing Recruiters look for many qualities in their candidates including hard skills – computer and language skills as well as the soft skills – communication and interpersonal skills. Yet no matter how qualified a candidate is for a position, if the interview does not go well, it can make or break your chances of being hired. Below is a tip on how you can make your candidacy stand out along with some insight from local recruiters on what they look for in a candidate.

Research the company

This is a critical first step. During an interview, you will be asked why you are interested in the company. From the interviewer’s perspective, they need to know that you are passionate about the company and a strong fit. To help you formulate your response, researching the company beforehand is key.

Companies spend significant time and resources to communicate their brand on their website, social media, blogs and more. Using these outlets will allow you to learn more about the company and help you discover the reasons you are attracted to them. Then, you can identify words or phrases that resonate with you and connect how your values align with theirs. Below is an example of a response a candidate provided during an interview:

Question: “Tell us why you are interested in our company?”

Answer: “ I admire that your company values collaboration among its employees. During my time in college, I have strengthened my ability to work on teams, and have truly enjoyed working with others. For example, I was Vice-President of the Student Activities club where I collaborated with the executive board on our organization’s goal, and worked with a team of 5 members to plan and coordinate our annual spring concert. This experience allowed me to lean on my personal strengths, as well as leverage the strengths of others in order to execute an event with an attendance of 5,000 students. I believe my experience being a strong team player aligns with your company’s values.”

What recruiters from a local hospital are looking for in their candidates

Hear how recruiters of White Plains Hospital in White Plains, New York recommend candidates make themselves stand out above the rest. Follow the links below to hear from these recruiters and learn what you can do to ace the interview:





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