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Undergraduate Students

4 Tips for Searching for Companies that Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

4 Tips for Searching for Companies that Focus on Diversity and Inclusion thumbnail image

As Black History Month draws to a close, many of us know the importance and value of incorporating diversity throughout the year. More and more employers are also taking steps to have a more diverse and inclusive work environment. This …

By Joi Sampson  - Vault
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Enhance Your Interviewing Skills

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Coronavirus has changed our lives in ways we would have never imagined. From online classes to the fact of wearing masks and using hand sanitizer every time we enter into a building. The recruiting process of companies has been affected …

By Javier Mangado
Javier Mangado Marketing and Analytics Chair Javier Mangado
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An Ode to Students

Thank You


The beginning of 2021 has already brought on some challenges, but I am SO excited to see more and more of you arriving on campus! February is underway.

As I walked the Dobbs Ferry halls at the start of …

By Samantha Karpiloff
Samantha Karpiloff Career Specialist Samantha Karpiloff
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How to Register for Events on Handshake

cover for how to register for evens on handshake

The Career team has some great events lined up for you this semester and I don’t want you to miss out! All events will require registration through handshake, and to ensure you do not miss out on any events, here …

By Cindy Cheng
Cindy Cheng President Cindy Cheng
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My Journey in Landing a Job at a Law Office as an Undergraduate Student

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Think of a time when you underwent an experience in which you felt perplexed, disappointed, or even completely lost when making a decision about something. Now think of the gravity of the decision in said experience; was this a decision …

By Ivan Monteiro
Ivan Monteiro Student Advisory Board Member Ivan Monteiro
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