Partner with the Career Team to include career education in your curriculum or classroom

Welcome Faculty!

The Career Team actively partners with faculty to help deliver high quality, scalable career education to students through curriculum and the classroom. You are a crucial part of the Mercy University ecosystem that empowers students to achieve career success after graduation. Please reach out if you would like to work with us to embed career education into your curriculum, create a Major to Career Map to guide students through their academics and career development simultaneously, request a class visit from a career coach, or brainstorm how you can use our tools or resources in the classroom.

EPIC – Career in Your Curriculum

EPIC (Explore, Prepare, Implement, Career Launch) is a scalable, user-friendly, web-based system that allows faculty to seamlessly embed career education into your syllabus! Students complete EPIC Milestones as homework assignments. You don’t have to teach the career content; that is taken care of in each milestone.

Big Interview

Mercy University provides Big Interview, an online tool and mobile app, to students to help them prepare for interviews on their own schedule and at their convenience. Big Interview offers informational videos to help students learn about various aspects of interviewing, and a video mock interview tool to help them practice.

Focus 2

Focus 2 is an online self-assessment and career exploration tool that connects Mercy majors, student interests, and occupational information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Students can take career assessments and connect them to occupations, explore occupations on their own, and compare occupations side-by-side.

Request a Class Visit

Our career education team is available to visit your class to teach career topics to your students. View the menu of topics available and then click here to request your class visit! If you have any questions please contact Lyn Leis.

Career Guides

Guidebooks are available to students covering a variety of topics such as Resumes & Cover Letters, Interviewing, and Job Searching. You are invited to use any of our guides or resources in your classroom as part of your lessons or to answer student questions.


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