The Public Service, Law, and Government Student Advisory Board

Public Service, Law and Government Student Advisory Board PSLG Student Advisory Board The Public Service, Law, and Government Student Advisory Board was launched during the Spring 2020 semester. Our officers are Keyana Griffith- President, Evelyn Romero- Event Chair, Jada Hill- Communications Chair, Darnell Hargett-Secretary, and Gianella Brignoni- Student Advisor. Our Mission:  Act as the student voice for the Public Service, Law, and Government Career Community, promoting the advancement of our future careers, creating and participating in  Career and Professional Development events and academic programs. What the Student Advisory board means to all of us at this time? The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way all of us have been engaging and working. The Public Service, Law, and Government Student Advisory Board has taken steps to ensure that students are aware that the board continues to work on their behalf.  We conduct Zoom meetings, and we will be offering a “Know Your Rights” virtual chat.  Presented by our faculty, we hope to educate and inform students of their rights. Student Advisory Board urges you to utilize Career Development resources The COVID-19 pandemic has made all of us aware of staying connected.  The Career and Professional Development department developed a Covid19-page, it includes helpful resources such as open job listings in various fields, community resources for childcare and food distribution, and resume/cover letter guides which you can find at the bottom of our PSLG Career Community page under “Featured Resources”. Here is the link to the COVID-19 page:  (  The Board remains active and will continue to increase our social media presence. Please feel free to follow us on Instagram “@PSLGMC”. We will be including our video showcase of the “Know Your Rights” event under our Story Highlights. The PSL&G Student Advisory Board means many things to members.   Primary among them is the opportunity to strengthen a small community and provide inclusion for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in public service, law, and/or government.  The PSLG Career Community and the Student Advisory Board all offer a chance for every participant to engage in community outreach, capture our specific student body and provide a safe space for them to receive information on advancing their careers. New and transferable skills can be acquired during this Pandemic: Although the pandemic has changed a lot of job opportunities related to our career interests, there are still employers hiring.  Many of the opportunities offered allow us to continue using our acquired skills and to possibly discover new skills that will transfer to career building.  Examples of this are our president, Keyana Griffith, Keyana works at a restaurant during the pandemic, she must be there in person exercising transactions while following strict guidelines.   She has honed her customer satisfaction skills while engaging with customers through strained forms of communication. These honed skills will come in handy in the law field where communication, tact and problem solving are required. Our chair, Evelyn Romero, is working in retail and that experience allows her to use skills that are transferable in multi-tasking and organizing.  Trying something new may be a way to expand existing skill and acquire new transferrable skills.  Remember that working means you are employable, valued, employers appreciate, smart employees who have demonstrated flexibility and innovation, varied abilities and transferable skills. Join us in making a difference, meet fellow students, faculty, employers and stay informed.  There are two openings on our board as two of our members are graduating.  If you have an interest, feel free to contact our Career Community leader, Marguerite Busetti, Stay safe, be well. Keyana, Darnell, Evelyn, Jada and Gianella!      

By Marguerite Busetti
Marguerite Busetti Associate Director of Career and Professional Development, Dobbs Ferry Campus