Amanda Sickler ’20, Speaks About Her Upcoming Internship at Grandstand Media

Amanda Sickler received an internship at Grandstand Media in Manhattan for this upcoming semester. In the video below, Amanda describes the process of direct inquiries she used to find this internship. Not all companies or organizations will welcome direct inquiries, but there are some occasions where this technique can be beneficial. Here is some advice on making direct inquiries below:

  • Make sure to check Career Maverick and other job boards to see if the company/organization you are interested in has a posting. If they have a posting, you should apply on the job board and not make a call.
  • You should also check the company/organization’s website to see if internship opportunities are posted.
  • If there is no posting, consider inquiring with the Human Resources department or submitting a cover letter and resume for the employer to keep on file.
  • For smaller companies/organizations, consider calling or emailing their office directly to find out if they are looking for help in your area of interest.
  • View the MMC Job Search Resouce Guide for more job/internship search tips.

Amanda is also a Spring 2018 Internship Grant Recipient. Click here to learn more about the Internship Grant!

By Liam Ross-Fitzgibbons
Liam Ross-Fitzgibbons Associate Director of Career and Professional Development, Bronx Campus Liam Ross-Fitzgibbons