Career Tips for the Holiday’s

It’s hard to believe that our holiday season begins next week! Perhaps you are in the market for a new job or preparing to graduate in the spring.  Tis’ the season to strategize on your next career moves. Here are some tips to advance your career during the holidays!

  1. Enjoy the holiday season! Use your time management skills to prioritize yourself and your family. Use your downtime to update your resume or refresh your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Take advantage of holiday sales to shop for a brand new wear-to-work wardrobe. Check out CPD’s Professional Clothing Closet for tips.
  3. Don’t put your job search on hold during the holidays. If you are aggressively looking, you’ll stand out with much less competition when you continue the search for your dream job. “Listen to some holiday music when taking breaks from job applications…
  4. Don’t forget it’s the holidays for hiring managers, too,” says “Don’t expect too many interviews during the season. It’s the holidays for hiring managers and recruiters too, so like everyone else, they might be distracted, stressed, or on vacation. That doesn’t mean you should stop applying or get frustrated. Just be mindful of this as you continue your search.”
  5.  Volunteer!  If possible take time to give back. This will surely add new work experience to your resume.
By Dorlene Curwen
Dorlene Curwen Associate Director, Career and Professional Development