Make Your Handshake Job & Internship Search Easier!

  Tis the season for job applications! Seniors, we know graduation is fast approaching and the search for full-time jobs is underway. Underclassmen, we see you seeking out those summer and fall internships (Interested in getting paid this fall? Check out the internship grant HERE). The search process is long, tedious, and let’s face it – tiring! So why not make it easier? With Handshake saved job searches and email alerts, it will be! Setting up alerts allows you to be among the first to apply to freshly posted positions. Have your resume approved and cover letters uploaded! Always make sure to thoroughly read the job description to determine if the role is the right fit for you before clicking “Apply.” And just as you would for alerts from other job boards – such as Indeed and LinkedIn – Handshake allows you to customize the method and frequency of notifications. Find out how to set-up alerts by reading the article linked below! By reading this, you are one step closer to saving time and energy when scrolling through pages of job postings! Take a minute right now to set-up your custom alerts. Your future self will thank you. Handshake logo   By Samantha Karpiloff Source: Handshake Help Center, article by Tawyna (

By Samantha Karpiloff
Samantha Karpiloff Associate Director