Career Tips for International Students & Athletes, from an International Student’s Perspective

My name is Jens Hundere Øvreseth, and I am a student-athlete from Norway playing on the men’s soccer team at Mercy. I came to the US to study and play soccer in the spring of 2019, which is a choice I will never regret. Attending college as a student-athlete has provided me with invaluable experiences, both academically and as athletically, preparing me for the challenges awaiting after graduation. Being a student-athlete can be challenging during the most intense part of the semester when the classes’ workload is high, and simultaneously, practices and matches demand their share of time and energy. These periods of the semester can be highly challenging for some and can cause stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. However, with proper routines and discipline, these intense periods can help you thrive and develop your skills at a higher tempo than ever before! Based on my experiences so far in my career as a student-athlete, I would like to share some tips that have worked well for me and can help you get through the busiest periods of the semester.

  • Use a daily planner.

If you haven’t implemented the routine of using a daily planner yet, I recommend getting started right away! Using a daily planner to map out your day is the easiest way to reduce stress and get a clear overview of what you have to do. In addition to keeping track of practices, classes, and assignments, a daily planner can also help you set out time to relax without feeling stressed about forgetting important homework assignments or other obligations.

  • Be organized.

Be organized and keep your surroundings clean. As an athlete, it is easy to slack a bit when it comes to keeping your room clean after you finally are released from your parents’ brutal regime. However, it turns out that your parents had a point in the importance of keeping your room clean. First, a clean room has the potential of reducing stress and anxiety significantly. Second, knowing where everything is located will make you far more efficient in your actions, which is essential for student-athletes with tight schedules.

  • Eat healthy.

As an athlete, the importance of paying attention to your diet is well-known. However, for individuals striving for the best possible results in the classroom as well, eating healthy becomes even more vital. One of the reasons for this is that you need to keep your energy level high at all times. As both practices and schoolwork demand a significant share of energy for you to perform at the level you want, you need to refuel with quality meals throughout the day. Eating regular, well-balanced meals each day helps the body get nutrition, balances blood sugar levels, and provides the foundation for a strong, healthy and successful student-athlete.  

By Jens Øvreseth
Jens Øvreseth Recruiting Chair Jens Øvreseth