Ace Your Interview with These 12 Tips!

If you’re a typical college student, the words “April” and “May” are synonymous with “Finish line!” But there is still work to be done until we can raise the checkered flag. Whether you’re an underclassman interviewing for summer internships, or a graduating senior trying to score a full-time job, you’re looking for any trick you can master to take your interview to the next level. Read on to learn how to do just that!


12 Tips for Connecting With Your Interviewer

1. Start the Interview the Right Way

Greet your recruiter warmly, as if they were a person you were looking forward to meeting. Say something like “So glad to meet you” as you exchange a firm, though not crushing, handshake. If you’re interviewing remotely, look directly at the camera to simulate making eye contact with the interviewer. Here’s how to introduce yourself at a job interview.


2. Be Friendly and Personable

Smile and exude personal warmth whenever appropriate during your meeting. Be genuine in your interactions and express positive emotions about the position and the company. Interviewers are more likely to view affable candidates favorably, so it’s important to be enthusiastic and optimistic.


3. Show Your Interest In the Person as Well as the Job

Show an interest in your interviewer during the warm-up phase of your interview by asking some questions about them. Making casual small talk before the substantive questioning begins can help to put both you and your interviewer at ease. Questions such as “How long have you worked here?”, “Have you had other roles at the firm?”, or “How long is your commute?” can help to relax your interviewer and help them warm up to you.


4. Make it Personal

When appropriate, share a little personal information about yourself. Revealing some of your outside interests or background information can help an interviewer relate to you as a person. Don’t over do it though. The interview is about your qualifications for the job, not your personal attributes.


5. Remember Good Posture

Sit up straight and lean slightly forward towards your interviewer to engage them and show that you’re interested in what they are saying. This is important for remote interviews as well as in-person ones. Keep your focus on your camera and don’t get distracted.


6. Eye Contact is Important

Make frequent, but not piercing, eye contact with the interviewer to demonstrate that you are listening carefully to what they’re saying.


7. Show Your Interest

Nod and actively show that you are listening by saying things like, “I see,” “I understand,” “Sounds good,” and follow up with questions when appropriate.


8. Pay Attention to Everyone

In multiple-interviewer situations, make sure you pay equal attention to each person. It is important to establish a positive rapport with all of the interviewers, and not just those with whom you feel a natural chemistry. Here’s how to handle a group interview.


9. Show That You Get It

Paraphrase important or complex messages delivered by your interviewer when you respond to demonstrate that you understand their point. If you’re not clear about what’s being asked, it’s fine to ask for clarification of the question.


10. Ask About Company Culture

Demonstrate your interest in the company culture, whether by asking a follow-up question or initiating the question on your own, so that your interviewer sees you’re keen to become part of the team. For example, you might ask, “What’s camaraderie like between employees?”, “Do co-workers ever get together outside of the office?”, or “Do you offer any team bonding opportunities or excursions?”


11. Thank Your Interviewers

Express your sincere gratitude for their time and the insight that they have provided as you complete the interview. Be sure to close the interview on a positive note.


12. Don’t Wait to Follow Up

Follow up immediately after the interview with a thank you email or note, or even a phone call, and mention specific reasons why you found the interviewer helpful.

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By Samantha Karpiloff
Samantha Karpiloff Associate Director